Divi modules normally come up with three modules tabs


What if we want to add new tabs for our custom modules?  Divi theme provides awesome filter to add tabs on your module. You can see on


return apply_filters( 'et_builder_main_tabs', $tabs );   

Now we are using new tabs on existing modules tabs.

add_filter( 'et_builder_main_tabs', 'custom_module_add_module_tabs'  );

function custom_module_add_module_tabs( $tabs ) {
$tabs[ 'custom_modules_tab_slug' ] = esc_html__( 'Custom Modules Tabs', 'et_builder' );
return $tabs;

This will produce modules tabs as follows:


Note: If you find nothing changes after doing following this all steps properly, then you have to clear local storage of browser . You can do this by running this javascript command on console window.


Also to appear on module tab you need to add setting  on that section[ tab ]

Let me know if you have any question or queries regarding to divi theme or its module.


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  1. Hi, sir

    Thanks for your posting of this article.

    This post describes what i want in my wordpress site.

    I am very interesting in this post and tried as you said.

    But after i added the above code in functions.php and I can’t see anything changed.

    Even I removed caches of my firefox browser, but nothing happened.

    Please let me know more details.



  2. I have tried it as the above. but can see nothing changed.
    perhaps it will be the reason why i didn’t do window.localStorage.clear() in concole?
    but i can’t see console window in firefox browser.

    so, i did clear all caches in my browser.but i can’t find anything about it.
    Please help me about it asap.


  3. Hi, Sushil. I try change displayed name and slug of tab ‘general’. Is this possible?
    Or it can not be changed to something else instead of Content?


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