Hi Guys,

Today I will share my simple WordPress plugin on shuffling the card and distribute among  players,. Logic behind this is shuffling (total deck*52 card ) keeping their suit stick on it. So at the end we can extract the card on single player hand with their suit.

Output: Card Shuffle – NewsCorp.png

You can download this WordPress plugin Googledrive or can clone from git.


  1. Download the plugin from above link and install on your WordPress directory
  2. Create new page/post and paste this shortcode on the page content

This will shuffle one deck(52cards) among five players

3. You can shuffle any number of deck to any number of players by just adding these argument on above shortcode

[cardshuffle deck=”3″ players=”6″]

4. Finally get the hands of card on the desired players. Here the above output shows all the card that first players got in his hand. You can do it simply passing adding paramter on card_on_player_hand arguments.

[cardshuffle deck=”3″ players=”6″ card_on_player_hand=”1″]

Please feels free to download this plugins and provide any suggestion.


– Straight : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_poker_hands


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