Customizer selective refresh is not working?

Hi Everyone, We can get many tutorial and article in making selective referesh on customizer, which is introduced on WordPress Version 4.5. Here is the answer of the question if you find your customizer selective referesh is now working even you followed the whole procedure that is given on wordpress codex or by many of […]

How to add custom image size with metabox?

Here is the procedure for adding custom image size on metabox/metafield of post I hope you all are familiar with after_setup_theme┬átheme hook. Here i first defined image size using add_image_size function: example: //adding function_exists() before function will let user to customize the same function on child theme if ( !function_exists( ‘theme_slug_image_size_for_metabox’)) : function theme_slug_image_size_for_metabox(){ //set […]