How to setup Google Analytics event tracking in Divi?

Hi Guys, This tutorial can give you quick easy fix for setting up Google Analytics event tracking in Divi Contact form. Before going forward, I assumed your website is well  set up with ga code and it’s working fine. Here logic is to use jQuery(Javascript library) to track form submit an event and keeping validation […]

How to redirect the whole WordPress domain except the admin dashboard?

Hi Everyone, This article can help you to get some insight on redirection using Apache configuration file ie .htaccess. Before going further, please go through this article to better understand about .htaccess file on WordPress. The logic here is to redirect whole domain except any link that consists of `​wp-admin` and other document files like […]

How to update order status when payment completed using Direct Debit?

Hi Guys, This article will showcase on updating order status when our webhook received paid_out or Confirmed status from the gocardless . Note: This will be applicable if you are using WooCommerce gocardless plugins  on your WordPress environment. //add gocardless pending submission status when direct debit payment is completed add_filter( ‘woocommerce_payment_complete_order_status_processing’, ‘update_gocardless_status_when_payment_complete’ ); /** * @param int $order_id order […]

How to add dynamic data on contact form 7 email template?

Hi Guys, Today I would like to share my experience adding dynamic data on Contact form 7 email template.  The logic here is to create a hidden field and dynamically adding value on to the hidden field using wpcf7_posted_data filter hook. Step 1: Create a hidden field on contact form 7 form: I had created [hidden […]

How to shuffle Deck of Cards?

Hi Guys, Today I will share my simple WordPress plugin on shuffling the card and distribute among  players,. Logic behind this is shuffling (total deck*52 card ) keeping their suit stick on it. So at the end we can extract the card on single player hand with their suit. Output:  You can download this WordPress […]

How to activate drift message box?

Hello Guys, Today I will be sharing my experience on activating drift message box after certain specific time. I had achieved this by using javascript setTimeout() function. You can paste this code on theme custom js file or can use add_inline_script() function to add this script. var showwelcome_msg = function () { setTimeout( function() { drift.on(‘ready’, […]

How to add Navigation on Live composer gallery slider?

Live composer  gallery slider lacks the prev and next button. Hope this tutorial helps to add this button on live composer. Step 1: First create js files somewhere on your child theme. Here I kept js files inside child-theme/js/child-theme-custom-scripts.js. Step 2: Enqueue this scripts on the WordPress standard way. function child_theme_enqueue_styles() { $parent_style = ‘parent-style’; […]

How to add custom module tabs on Divi theme?

Divi modules normally come up with three modules tabs What if we want to add new tabs for our custom modules?  Divi theme provides awesome filter to add tabs on your module. You can see on Divi/Includes/Builder/class-et-builder-element.php return apply_filters( ‘et_builder_main_tabs’, $tabs );    Now we are using new tabs on existing modules tabs. add_filter( ‘et_builder_main_tabs’, […]

Divi Custom Module doesn’t appear on page/post edit screen?

If your custom module disappears after publishing the page then you are on right place.I spend almost 3-4 hours to debug this error but and found there is simple fix for this. The solution is to prefix the custom module slug with et_pb_ Let us suppose you are building custom module for accordion then I […]