How to use wp_dropdown_categories() on widget field?

Hello Guys, Let’s see how we can implement wp_dropdown_categories() on widget field. Here I am implementing codex way of making widgets: see here for reference: You can see more about wp_dropdown_categories() here: So here we go-> /** * Adds Foo_Widget widget. */ class Foo_Widget extends WP_Widget { /** * Register widget with WordPress. […]

How to crop image in customizer image field ?

Hello everyone, Today I am going to illustrate on , how to cropped image on customizer. Normally we use WP_Customize_Image_Control for selecting image on customizer section, but this doesn’t provide you the featured to cropped image on your requirement. But WordPress provide us class called ‘WP_Customize_Cropped_Image_Control’ which provide you the featured to crop a image.You can […]

How to add custom image size with metabox?

Here is the procedure for adding custom image size on metabox/metafield of post I hope you all are familiar with after_setup_theme theme hook. Here i first defined image size using add_image_size function: example: //adding function_exists() before function will let user to customize the same function on child theme if ( !function_exists( ‘theme_slug_image_size_for_metabox’)) : function theme_slug_image_size_for_metabox(){ //set […]

All Customizer panel & section lost

Today after updating my site to latest WordPress  version 4.5. i came along this issue. My customizer  preview init is totally blank with no section and panel. Along with i got this error on console Uncaught TypeError: data.defaultValue.substring is not a function How i solved this issue? First I deactivated all plugin installed on a […]