How to get all WooCommerce Order metadata?

Hi Guys, Today I am going to share my experience when pulling WooCommerce order metadata using SQL. Initially, I use join for each metadata(example1), but when we have thousands of data and join count exceeds by 10, MYSQL is not able to handle the request. Then I search for an alternative solution and found aggregate […]

Adding custom trigger in WooCommerce Automate woo?

Automatewoo provides powerful marketing automation for your woocommerce store.  You can achieve automation by creating various workflow.  This plugin works fine on your WooCommerce subscriptions, WoooCommerce Vendor and membership plugin as well. Workflow comes in action with triggers, rules, Variables and action. Please visit this link for more details. On this article, we are going […]

Reset WooCommerce Vendor capability?

Hi Guys, This article is related to WooCommerce Product Vendors plugins  which gives your store a  multi-vendor marketplace. This article provides you with a source code to reconfigured vendor capability to access the WordPress dashboard.  Copy the source code and paste on to your theme functions file or any where inside your plugins. //rewrite the vendor […]

Remove unused order column?

Hi Guys, This post will show you how to remove unused column from WooCommerce Order. With the recent WooCommerce update it add new column called Actions which may consist of options to change status. This will seems too bulky if there is so many status on our store. Just to get rid all those buttons, […]

WooCommerce downloadable links lost?

Hello Everyone, Today I am going to share my experience of debugging WooCommerce download links which was lost after the transferring the host. Actually transferring the host  sometimes broke the serialised data and in our case serialised value of   _downloadable_files  meta key was broken. After detecting the issue was from broken serialised data I went to […]