How to shuffle Deck of Cards?

Hi Guys, Today I will share my simple WordPress plugin on shuffling the card and distribute among  players,. Logic behind this is shuffling (total deck*52 card ) keeping their suit stick on it. So at the end we can extract the card on single player hand with their suit. Output:  You can download this WordPress […]

How to add custom module tabs on Divi theme?

Divi modules normally come up with three modules tabs What if we want to add new tabs for our custom modules?  Divi theme provides awesome filter to add tabs on your module. You can see on Divi/Includes/Builder/class-et-builder-element.php return apply_filters( ‘et_builder_main_tabs’, $tabs );    Now we are using new tabs on existing modules tabs. add_filter( ‘et_builder_main_tabs’, […]

Divi Custom Module doesn’t appear on page/post edit screen?

If your custom module disappears after publishing the page then you are on right place.I spend almost 3-4 hours to debug this error but and found there is simple fix for this. The solution is to prefix the custom module slug with et_pb_ Let us suppose you are building custom module for accordion then I […]

How to Add Metabox On Houzez Child Theme ?

Hello everyone, Today I am going to share my experience while adding metabox on child theme using on Houzez child Theme Houzez Theme use plugin to create metabox field on custom post type property as well default WordPress Post type. While using “”rwmb_meta_boxes” filter hook on child theme I came to lost all […]

How to use wp_dropdown_categories() on widget field?

Hello Guys, Let’s see how we can implement wp_dropdown_categories() on widget field. Here I am implementing codex way of making widgets: see here for reference: You can see more about wp_dropdown_categories() here: So here we go-> /** * Adds Foo_Widget widget. */ class Foo_Widget extends WP_Widget { /** * Register widget with WordPress. […]

How to crop image in customizer image field ?

Hello everyone, Today I am going to illustrate on , how to cropped image on customizer. Normally we use WP_Customize_Image_Control for selecting image on customizer section, but this doesn’t provide you the featured to cropped image on your requirement. But WordPress provide us class called ‘WP_Customize_Cropped_Image_Control’ which provide you the featured to crop a image.You can […]

Customizer selective refresh is not working?

Hi Everyone, We can get many tutorial and article in making selective referesh on customizer, which is introduced on WordPress Version 4.5. Here is the answer of the question if you find your customizer selective referesh is now working even you followed the whole procedure that is given on wordpress codex or by many of […]

How to add custom image size with metabox?

Here is the procedure for adding custom image size on metabox/metafield of post I hope you all are familiar with after_setup_theme theme hook. Here i first defined image size using add_image_size function: example: //adding function_exists() before function will let user to customize the same function on child theme if ( !function_exists( ‘theme_slug_image_size_for_metabox’)) : function theme_slug_image_size_for_metabox(){ //set […]

What are hooks on WordPress?

Most of the people may gone through many article on filter or action hook, but still can’t get concept on hook of WordPress , then you are on the best place to learn. Here i am not going to illustrate about basic theoritical meaning of hooks, just i will provide simple demonstration on hooks. Before […]

How to change number of woocommerce related products through customizer setting?

Ok, lets start from creating  user interface  through customizer API. Hope you guys know about Customizer setting API API of WordPress. This is how i build user interface to choose number of related products on theme. First add this code inside “customize_register” hooks. //create section  for woocommerce setting $wp_customize->add_section( ‘woocommerce_settings’, array( ‘title’ => __( ‘Woocommerce Settings’, […]