How to Add Metabox On Houzez Child Theme ?


Hello everyone,
Today I am going to share my experience while adding metabox on child theme using on Houzez child Theme
Houzez Theme use plugin to create metabox field on custom post type property as well default WordPress Post type. While using “”rwmb_meta_boxes” filter hook on child theme I came to lost all the metafield created by Houzez Parent Theme. So I start to dig on the code and found that houzez theme provides “houzez_theme_meta” to extend metabox field. You can see this filed on this template:

houzez -> frameworkd -> metabox -> houzez-meta-boxes.php.

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How to use wp_dropdown_categories() on widget field?


Hello Guys,

Let’s see how we can implement wp_dropdown_categories() on widget field.

Here I am implementing codex way of making widgets: see here for reference:

You can see more about wp_dropdown_categories() here:

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How to crop image in customizer image field ?


Hello everyone,

Today I am going to illustrate on , how to cropped image on customizer.

Normally we use WP_Customize_Image_Control for selecting image on customizer section, but this doesn’t provide you the featured to cropped image on your requirement.
But WordPress provide us class called ‘WP_Customize_Cropped_Image_Control‘ which provide you the featured to crop a image.You can see full code here:
Before starting the tutorial I hope you all guys know how to add section, setting and control on customizer.
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How to make slider for woocommerce related product?


Hi everyone, today i am going to show you how to implement slider for woocommerce related products.

Required condition:
1> Here we are using bx slider so i hope you everyone know how to set up bx slider on our theme.
Here is the link:
2> All of you know how hook function on wordpress.

Here we start:

Our first steps is to align all the related products on single row so we are using [woocommerce_output_related_products_args ] hooks. And on customizer i have given user interface to select how many product to display on slider.For this you can see here:

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